Monday, December 19, 2011

Sticky Rice. Sushi restaurant and bar, Richmond, Virginia.

The bottom picture you see is not my work. It is a sign that was created by an friend of the restaurant who braved
the narrow outcropping of the building- a slanted, 18 inch sketchy ledge- to recreate with a spraypaint a logo that he held
a copy of in his hand. That is an impressive feat.
However, it lacked, in my opinion, the finished, refined look that the rest of the restaurant presented to the public. They have a
website, a blog, and they've sponsored a magazine (I think). I said to the business owner that it would be smart to create a
united front, visually, and have the painted logo look --exactly-- like the logo on the company's stickers, ads, menus, and website. In that sense, I believe that I helped to make an improvement. The top picture is the finished result. I also harnessed myself in while braving that ledge.
Check out Sticky Rice, or its sister restaurant, Togogo, if you are ever in Richmond and would like to eat some good sushi.
Painted with latex paint.

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