Friday, October 30, 2009

"L'Arena"- mural in the "Loo" at new local coffee shop "The Lamp Lighter"

Hooded human/bird characters at top: TYLER THOMAS.
Marvel/DC/Howard the Duck sign language: MICHAEL GUEDRI.
Colored Facets/Knicknacks/"L'Arena": Me.
Big THANK YOU to Zach and Noelle for inviting
Tyler (and Mike and me as contributors) to paint
their bathroom gallery (called "The Loo") as their
first installation artists in what will no doubt be a long succession
of very interesting art shows. Good luck to them in their
business! If you live in Richmond, please stop by their
soon-to open coffee shop "The Lamplighter" on the corner
of Addison and Parkwood (near the West Cary Street GRTC
bus garage), and show them some support for all their hard work!


lallaloolly said...

wish more of these entries had a comment option! dude, you have really come into your own! fantastic stuff, marsh, i'm so completely impressed.

-cousin kate

tylerthomas804 said...

i nab'd those chalkspots know wouldn't trip.

mike wood said...